The new generation is ready to experiment and will take their time in doing so. This is also evidenced by the fact that none of the three organisations listed offers consistent full-time employment and everything operates on a project-by-project basis. The decision to move the pavilion from Arsenale to the Palasport sports hall that is brutally stuck in the middle of Venice, right next to the main exhibition area, served to underline the aspirations to show the unity and the extraordinariness of the region.

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But unfortunately, Daddo wakes up sneezing. He has a bad cold and can't go sledding. The rest of the family heads out to ride the hills, and they have a good time.

But unfortunately, Daddo wakes up sneezing. He has a bad cold and can't go sledding.

But Henry feels bad Space Spin Sore Daddo is missing out on the fun, so he comes up with an idea. Maybe Daddo can go sledding without leaving the house!

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Daddo awakes, surprised to see that the whole family next to his bed, and the whole house sledding through the snow. They have a great time, until the house spins out of control!

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With Daddo's help, Henry uses some special moves to steer the house back where it belongs. B Momma is going away for a relaxing weekend with all her monstermom friends, leaving Daddo to mind the family.

Daddo uses his master list to make sure he's got everything under control, and it's all going pretty well…until he loses the list. Then, everything starts veering towards chaos.

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Daddo accidentally colors the laundry pink, mixes up the drop-offs for the kids, and more. As things spin out of control, Henry notices that Daddo is having trouble, and rallies the family to help him out.

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After all, they're the Hugglemonsters! They all work together to clean the house and fix everything up — just in time for Momma to get home, unaware that anything went wrong.

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Everyone is thrilled to see Momma — especially Daddo!