On see tõde või väljamõeldis, pole lavastuse puhul oluline. Optsioonist rääkimine tähendab, et Soome elab illusioonide maailmas, kus Soome ise võiks otsustada selle üle, kas liituda NATOga või mitte. Sama mõtet pisut teisiti väljendades võib väita, et oleme ise Lähis-Idas midagi Pandora laeka taolist avanud.

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Bengt Erik Bjarngard, to angiosarcoma an aggressive type of cancer. He devoted his life to providing improved methods of radiation treatment for this devastating disease over the last 36 years. Bengt was born in a rural village of Bjarnum in southern Sweden, located near forest and is known for its furniture making.

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He migrated to USA Slash valu AIDSiga the age of 35 and was recruited by Dr. Bengt mentored some of the best physicists in the country, and many of our modern treatments go back to the early days of research at the JCRT. These accomplishments, dating from —, include: dose optimization Slash valu AIDSiga computer control; soft wedges; stereotactic radiosurgery SRS ; total-body irradiation TBI ; CT-planning; and radiation dosimetry.

Bengt worked at Brown University in Rhode Island and at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, where he provided major contributions in radiation dosimetry, specifically with the head scatter model. He advocated superior calculation algorithm through the Helax treatment planning system that was on par from most commercial systems.

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He had a lifelong love of nature, retiring in from the University of Pennsylvania to take care of his acres of homestead forest in Maine. His legacy continues through his contributions to radiation dosimetry.

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This session, on small field dosimetry, is a small tribute to his memory. Further details can be found in his obituary in Med Phy, 41 4, International Nuclear Information System INIS The conceptual design of a moving ring reactor ''Karin-1'' has been carried out to advance fusion system design, to clarify the research and development problems, and to decide their priority. In order to attain these objectives, a D-T reactor with tritium breeding blanket is designed, a commercial reactor with net power output of MWe is designed, the compatibility of plasma physics with fusion engineering is demonstrated, and some other guideline is indicated.

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A moving ring reactor is composed mainly of three parts. In the first formation section, a plasma ring is formed and heated up to ignition temperature.

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The plasma ring of compact torus is transported from the formation section through the next burning section to generate fusion power. Then the plasma ring moves into the last recovery section, and the energy and particles of the plasma ring are recovered. The outline of a moving ring reactor ''Karin-1'' is described.

As a candidate material for the first wall, SiC was adopted to reduce the MHD effect and to minimize the interaction with neutrons and charged particles.

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The thin metal lining was applied to the SiC surface to solve the problem of the compatibility with lithium blanket. Plasma physics, the engineering aspect and the items of research and development are described. Kako, I.