See me I make thing. Take a half a month come to see yourself through the eyes of a lot and let your secrets self discover that it's go. I'm gonna get your the time to get back on the road. In the near so meanwhile, sit back and enjoy the first ever online, Facebook live stream Songwriters Festival Hello everybody. You need. On the strip so deep and wide.

There will be live streamed on Facebook on the Vancouver Songwriters Festival page. We look forward to again being able to be host to the Songwriters Festival at the Botanic Spin Bitch Hoods. In the near so meanwhile, sit back and enjoy the first ever online, Facebook live stream Songwriters Festival Hello everybody. I'm Paul and welcome to the Mount Songwriters Festival twenty event We wanna first of all acknowledge the traditional owners of the land and elders vice president and emerging and I wanna thank everyone for being part of this festival all the musicians the Brisbane City Council.

For supporting the event our media partner sponsor I won't waste your time too much, but I'll tell you a quick story for 45 minutes uh this actually. This festival was my assignment 17 years ago for music business and I filed the grant application after I wrote it as a you know, pretend one for an assignment, but I'll submit it to the council and I can't believe that Tooriistad tableti liigeste valu we're still going and this would be our seventeenth event so Spin Bitch Hoods we've showcased so many Brisbane songwriters and and there's just more and more every year, which is great.

So thanks everyone again for being part of it. I hope we can all stay connected and encourage each other to keep writing songs and be better musicians.

Впечатляла и техника, но заворожили Николь эмоции, запечатленные в телах и лицах октопауков и других созданий, изображенных на фреске. - Триумф оптимизации, - бормотала Николь себе под нос, наклоняя голову, чтобы прочитать подпись, сделанную красками. В верхней части фрески был изображен космический корабль на фоне звезд, под ним океан кишел живыми существами, с противоположных сторон его охватывали джунгли и пустыня. В середине огромный октопаук с посохом стоял на груде из тридцати-сорока распростертых животных, шевелившихся в пыли под его щупальцами.

And uh now we've got a global audience for the festival this year cuz it used to be that you had to get your picnic basket and go to Matt and hang out with all the people up there. Festival This River Rose in But still with the new. Rain like 5 days long. They drenched. Your I wanna come on and live your life.

Rinnakad naised lasevad endaga kõike teha.

Has seen some don't know. Bridgewater County The Give them. On the strip so deep and wide. Again someday you will and I wanna come again and you'll never know you. If you live on the water. Back your suitcase run to shelter.

Are Up to high ground. They gonna take you down. Come get some you don't.

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Someday to you. Some New in the My kids love to come. That's water from the swamp Blues and here is track.

There will be live streamed on Facebook on the Vancouver Songwriters Festival page.

I could touch base a bit more often. You know it has been quite a while. Never wanna be bothered.

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But I think about you all the time. You know where to find. And it's never too late at all.

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I see with the Windows Open. Here I never lock my door. And a time you feel lonely. If there's teardrops in your right hand. The frown is what you need. Come see me. Gotta be lost in my own world. At a Spin Bitch Hoods, you're feeling lonely. Teardrops in your eyes if a frown is what you need. Just on And a child you're feeling lonely. If there's teardrops in your eyes.

Kuum muusikate

Spin Bitch Hoods a friend is what you need come see me just on. If a friend is what you need. Just drop on. If a frown is what you need no need to call, I'll be your show to cry. Uh hope you enjoyed the songwriters festival so many great artists from Brisbane and such diverse creative people.

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We've got love it and thank you music supporters go and buy a CD from all your favorite artists shops cuz they haven't played many gigs through covered if any at all so uh take care my friends and be cool to each. Be kind and remember Brisbane music school.

Alright the songwriters Festival hope to see you up at the Botanic Gardens next year and uh tell your friends to like the Facebook and share Cheers.

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Hi my name is I'm from Brisbane and uh I'm gonna play you a couple of original tunes. This first one is called feeding the fire. The hidden and I feel alone. You need. Now, I'm. My god.

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Now we got fire choir. On down and myself, It took. The chemical reaction that I'm breathing. When my gonna Just Fire On the ground.

My When I learn. Gonna The In my when I learn. My On I just Spin Bitch Hoods feeling the fire. Thank you very much.

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Thank you um hi this next one. Um this one is one of my more recent songs. I wrote this a couple of months ago um this song is. Song by the name of the Sweet tea. You're my favorite. And then you got me in the palm of your hand.

Not so high The Hey, I know you.

Spin Bitch Hoods Salvi tookojast

I wouldn't. Sunshine Baby Rain stops for more. The she's gone.

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And got me. Baby Don't you know that I can barely breathe. No, it's not.

Side Don't have to. He Loves life. On a Sunday morning. She's calling.

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You see we are. Do you have to be a baby? Got me.

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Sweet It. Kiss me there, She is calling it got me a sweet. The She's. You got me. Baby Baby Thanks so much. Thank you. Hello, my name is Patty and I'm singing today from Jaguar country, also known as Brisbane um in the beautiful Mount Botanic Gardens here we go. The school. Age fifteen and went to work with my dad. Works between Cris and the it's the only job I've ever had.

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  3. А ты не помнишь, как отреагировал, когда я сказала тебе, что заметила женское лицо на фреске.
  4. Hood Rich Anthem-1 (Hood Rich hümn-1) lyrics - DJ Scream (DJ Scream)
  5. Во сне Николь как будто бы заметила человеческий силуэт в лесу позади трех октопауков и позвала: - Элли, это .
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Now, they're telling me the economy they're in the box down. I went to sleep.

Kas värviliste naiste esinduste tõus televisioonis on tõusuteel, kas võrgud saavad lõpuks aru?

Man find out what this mean for me.